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Pumpkin Painting Party

Monday October 13th

from 1 to 4 pm

Come on in and purchase the pumpkin of your choice. Bring it into our greenhouse and let the kids have fun decorating. Glue, glitter, paints, feathers, you name it - we have all that messy stuff for the kids to use decorating their pumpkins. Best part is - no clean up for you!!

Ladies Night Out in the Greenhouse

Friday October 24th 

from 7 to 9pm

We ask for a $10 donation at the door which will go to L&M Cancer Center.

Please join us for a fun evening of shopping, friends, food, and fun. (And no kids or husbands!!)

Be sure to call and reserve a spot for our fun event.









Columbus Day


"Progressive Sale" 


All of our Pottery, Perennials, Shrubs and


Trees will be on sale. 


Friday 30%


Saturday 40%


Sunday 50%

Obviously the best selection is on Friday, but the best deals can be had on Sunday.

WE ARE OPEN 9am-6pm



Gift Certificates available 

Call 860-691-0528



    Veggie Bite Classes will be starting again in the fall. 

 Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates.

If you would like more information about our program please email




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Smith's Acres - It's a yard altering experience. 



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