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Farmer Joe's Tips/Resources

Meet Farmer Joe

Farmer Joe is a graduate of Boise State University's Horticulture program.

 Joe spends most of his time up on our farm on Boston Post Rd. Joe also spends a lot of time at various farmer markets throughout the state. It's a rare occasion when you'll spot him at our garden center, even more rare to see him lounging in a chair (although he has been known to whine loudly on the radio about his need for a nap). It's his expertise that keeps things growing so well up on the farm - the same farm that he grew up on.  


In addition to filling 35,000 sq ft of greenhouses with lush plants for you to put into your own garden, Farmer Joe raises a vast array of yummy fruits and vegetables on our farm.  If he doesn't grow it himself, Joe brings the freshest fruits and vegetables direct from their farms to our stand. 

He's a busy guy!

Helpful Smith's Acres Videos

Helpful Smith's Acres Videos

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