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The Veggie Girls LOVE Christmas!! The Lights, the Glitter, the Ribbon!! All of it. And we love to get creative.

This year, we will be shutting down for the first week in November to set up for Christmas. We can hear you groaning now. We know, we know. You think it's too early, but if we want things to look fabulous for you - we have to get started early. Santa keeps all the magical elves busy up in the North Pole. We felt that the best thing to do this year was to shut down, so all of our Veggie Girls could work safely and efficiently, setting things up. We have SOOOO many lights to string!!! OH my, just you wait. We promise - it will be worth it. We hope that when you step into the greenhouse, you will be thrilled with our seasonal transformation. You'll see all of our beautifully decorated Christmas Trees. And then, once we get started making wreaths and kissing balls - the first thing that you notice when you come into our greenhouse at Christmas time is the aroma of pine. It just SMELLS like Christmas.

We think you'll agree, it's a magical time at Smith's Acres.

Your Inspiration Center!

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